Book Your Winter Health Check for just €34.99 at Bright Motor Group

The Winter Health Check is designed to keep your vehicle working at its best during the colder weather in between your scheduled service intervals, and includes:

  • A Video Check, a 30-point vehicle health check so you can see exactly what your trained technician sees.
  • Tyre Safety Check, included as part of your Video Check to ensure there are no lumps or bumps, and your tread depth is above the legal limit.
  • Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning cleanse. The air-conditioning unit cleaner is reliable at fighting unpleasant odours caused by bacteria in the air ducts of air-conditioning units and in vehicle interiors.
  • Essential Fluids check and top-up: including engine oil, screen wash and anti-freeze, to keep your engine ticking along until your next service is due.
  • Battery Check, to ensure your vehicle battery is in top condition as we enter the winter period.

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