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Embodying French savoir-faire for luxury automobiles and driven by an avant-garde spirit, the DS Automobiles DS 3 is the definition of a modern design that embraces the exceptional heritage of the 1955 DS brand. High-tech and efficient, the DS 3 brings elegance and character to every journey. Available in a 100% electric version, you’ll fall in love with how comfortably it drives.

Discover DS 3

DS 3 comes with several powertrain options:

100 and 130 PureTech Petrol and 100% Electric.

DS 3 E Tense


Created with a new platform and using innovative materials, DS 3 in its 100% electric version has increased its range, up to 402 Km on the combined cycle, becoming one of the lightest compact SUVs in its class. A partner for your quick getaways and long journeys, up to 80% of its battery can be charged in only 30 minutes.

Back-to-back double championships in Formula E enabled us to strengthen the expertise and savoir-faire of our engineers in the field of electric for the development of a new generation of highly efficient motors. Optimised aerodynamics and heat management of DS 3’s latest battery boost the performance of its E-TENSE powertrain.


DS 3 features pure lines and an intense stare which enhances its sculpted and refined character.

DS 3 Grille
DS 3 Handles
DS 3 Rear

Enhanced Grille and Piercing Stare

The new DS WINGS are an elegant link between the technological DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps and the grille, subtly enhanced with gloss black or chrome diamond tips. Emphasised with chrome or black lacquer, these DS WINGS give the DS 3 a sharp look.

Flush Fitting Door Handles

DS 3 comes with chrome door handles that fit its shape elegantly and fold out for opening.

Redesigned Rear Face

A black lacquered bead finely highlights the rear lights and the tailgate. Adorned with the DS Automobiles signature set in polished stainless steel, it subtly dresses the rear of the vehicle.

DS Interior Design

Interior Design

Expertise and attention to detail, DS 3's interiors mix premium materials, high-tech elegance and attention to detail, immersing you in a comfortable and hushed interior stamped with character and modernity.

DS 3 upholstery
DS 3 Embossed Inserts

Watchstrap Upholstery

4 robust black matte exhausts for an amplified, distinctly "CUPRA" sound.

"Clous De Paris" Embossed Inserts

Our stylists were inspired by fine watchmaking for decorating DS 3’s controls with “Clous de Paris” embossed inserts. This demanding finish represents small pyramid-headed nails criss-crossing seamlessly.

DS 3 Materials
DS 3 Pearl Stitching

High-Quality Materials

The high quality of the materials, the distinction of the French craftspeople’s expertise and the harmony of the lines bring the interiors to life, enhanced by the unique upholstery.

"Pearl Stitching"

From the imagination of our upholsterers and inspired by embroidery, Pearl stitching is a finish that reproduces a pattern in the shape of a pearl on the seams of the leathers in DS 3. This technique has become a DS Automobiles signature.

DS Connectivity

Connected Setting

With its KEYLESS ENTRY, you’re stepping into an immersive cockpit. DS 3’s connected steering wheel, covered in Mistral leather, has a number of controls that make it easy to access the driver aid technology and change gear.

The 10.3” HD central screen is trimmed with a gloss finish, the digital display with elegant graphics, linked to the colour head-up display and the ergonomic controls fit perfectly into the cockpit, making reading driving information simple.

Focal Electra Sound System

Designed to be like an auditorium, DS 3 provides an immersive and exceptionally pure listening experience. With its 12 speakers fitted into the cockpit with great care, the FOCAL ELECTRA® sound system has a precise, balanced and unbelievably rich sound.

DS 3 Sound System
DS 3 Infotainment

Infotainment System

Enjoy the latest digital experience with the infotainment system that includes connected navigation and the DS IRIS SYSTEM. This new information eco-system, that’s intuitive and can be completely personalised gives you access to every function through shortcuts on your large 10.3″ central screen. With its advanced voice recognition, it carries out your requests and makes journeys easy.

MyDS Application

The MyDS app has been designed to connect you with your DS and its world. One click gives access to all the Only You services, enhancing your experience before, during and after each journey. Every DS model is compatible with the MyDS app.

DS 3 Range Information
DS 3 Remote Charging

Range Information

With the MyDS smartphone application, discover in real time the state of the charge or the estimated remaining range. When your vehicle is plugged in, you can also see the speed and expected charging time.

Remote Charging

With remote charge control, use the MyDS application to initiate a charge or switch to scheduled charge. This function allows you to recharge during more advantageous time slots.

DS 3 Remote Heating
DS 3 Trip Planning

Remote Heating and Air Conditioning

The configuration of the thermal preconditioning of the passenger compartment allows you to program the heating or air-conditioning of your vehicle. Designed for your convenience, this feature also helps preserve your battery life if the vehicle is charging.

Plan Your Trip & Enjoy Your journey

Prepare your journey from your smartphone through MyDS app with EV Trip Planner* included in the Connected Navigation Pack and follow your navigation step by step, even during battery charging stops. Choose your next destination and send it to your DS infotainment system using the Send2Nav function from MyDS app.

Also benefit throughout your journey, from a real-time update of traffic conditions, energy consumption, the level of the vehicle’s battery and various charging points available nearby.

*Only available on DS 3 E-TENSE versions.

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