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Take the excitement to a new level. Created to put a smile on your face every time you get behind the wheel, IONIQ 5 N is our first all-electric N model – and has already been voted “Car of the Year 2023” by It’s also a natural source of happiness – taking pure, unfiltered driving fun to a whole new level. As Hyundai N’s first EV, IONIQ 5 N represents a new segment of driver-focused high performance EVs through new technologies and elevated racetrack capability. It also signals the first step in N’s electrification strategy with future electric N models to follow.

Designed For Performance

Like the award-winning IONIQ 5 it is derived from, IONIQ 5 N’s pure design is a refreshing take on electric vehicles, stripping away complexity to celebrate clean lines and minimalistic structures – enhanced with high-performance design elements that balance raw power with precise poise.

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Hyundai IONIQ 5 Exterior

Like all its N brethren, the IONIQ 5 N features a wide range of additional performance-enhancing design elements: like the wing-type rear spoiler and an additional front active air flap for cooling, which enhance the sporty aspects of the standard model and maximise the track driving potential of this iconic high-performance EV.

Ioniq 5N Front
Ioniq 5N Side
Ioniq 5N Back

The front.

Free of the necessity to have a radiator grille, the front features an N Mask graphic fascia with functional mesh, supported by an air curtain and an additional active air flap for extra cooling. A lip spoiler on the lower bumper emphasises the car’s low-slung stance.

The side.

The Luminous Orange accent line at the bottom of the black front bumper cover is exclusive to the EV N models. It continues along the side skirts for a racetrack-ready look.

The rear.

At the rear, the prominent, wing-type N spoiler supports optimal aerodynamic performance – assisted by the rear diffuser and air outlet with their eye-catching Luminous Orange accents – further highlighting IONIQ 5 N’s high-performance capability and enhancing its aggressive styling.

Performance-enhancing design elements.

Of course IONIQ 5 N’s motorsport-inspired exterior design elements were sculpted to make a powerful statement – but at the same time they were all engineered to enhance the performance of this powerfully agile masterpiece of driving fun. They all have a job to do.

Front Air Intakes ioniq 5N
Alloys ioniq 5N
Spoiler ioniq 5N

Front air intakes.

The aggressively sculpted air intakes are designed to deliver enhanced aerodynamics and cool the performance braking system with its 4-piston front calipre and high friction pads.

21'' forged alloy wheels.

Big and bold, the forged 21" aluminum wheels make a powerful statement fantastic improving handling and traction by a reduction in unsprang weight

Wing-type spoiler.

Longer than the version mounted on its sibling, the IONIQ 5 – the prominent wing-type N spoiler helps control airflow to support increased downforce for better grip.


High-Tech Motorsport inspired Interior

The driver-focused cockpit strikes a precise balance between high-end home to happiness and high-adrenaline performance. Every detail is designed with one goal in mind – to make every drive an exhilarating experience.

Ioniq 5N Seats
Ioniq 5N Steering Wheel
Ioniq 5N Pedals

​N Bucket Seats

Welcome to the best seats in the house: the N Bucket Seats. Seen here in a luxurious recycled poly Alcantara and Leather finish, these sporty seats feature illuminated N logos that light up to welcome you when you open the door.

​N Steering Wheel

In the IONIQ 5 N, your happiness is in your hands, you just need to get a grip on it. Which is easy with the newly designed N leather steering wheel with the N Grin Boost button in red and Drive Mode button in blue, perfectly placed for instant gratification.

Optimised Sports Pedal Design

Enjoy fingertip control. You can easily adjust the level of regenerative braking through the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.

Ioniq 5N Centre Console

Track Optimised Centre Console

Enjoy premium comfort with two fully reclining relaxation seats in the front. Lean all the back for a refreshing break while charging – at the push of a single button.

*Only available in Platinum upwards

Sustainable Material with a Sporty Edge

Optimised for track driving – and to increase your level of happiness on a daily basis, IONIQ 5 N’s sleek interior features exclusive Performance Blue contrast stitching throughout the cockpit. The new checker flag theme – a track-inspired riff on IONIQ 5’s iconic parametric pixels – can be found on the door scuff panels, metal pedals, and footrest.

Stylish Ambient Lighting

Multi-coloured ambient lighting sets a sporty tone together with IONIQ 5 N's new checker flag theme on the door's armrest.


The future of electric mobility is here. Featuring breath-taking design and driving dynamics, as well as an 800-volt battery system for ultra-fast charging, this ground-breaking CUV delivers thrilling performance – built on a cutting-edge new platform that is nothing less than a technological milestone in this era of EV expansion.

Hyundai Ioniq 5N High Torque
Hyundai Ioniq 5N Top Speed
Hyundai Ioniq 5N Acceleration

High Torque

IONIQ 5 N’s high-performance electric motors spin up to 21,000 RPM providing 650 PS and 770 Nm of gleefully scorching torque with N Grin Boost engaged.

Top Speed

Go ahead and let it off the leash. With a top speed of 260 km/h, this electric vehicle has been created so that you can push your inner race car driver even further. 

Blistering Acceleration

Laughter is the best medicine. With the ability to go from 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds – this powerful source of natural happiness will stir your soul anytime you want it to.


Charge at home overnight or top up at an ultra-fast charging station on the road in just minutes. Equipped with an innovative 800V battery system for some of the fastest charging times possible today, IONIQ 5 N is also compatible for 400V charging and AC charging.

Fast Charging
Less Waiting
AC Charging

​Ultra-Fast Charging

IONIQ 5 N’s 800V battery system can add 100 km of range in 5 minutes! It supports charging at up to 240 kW at a DC ultra-fast charging station – charging from 10 to 80% in 18 min.

​Less Waiting, More Flexability

Get in and out of rapid charging stations faster. 400V and 800V technology gives you the flexibility of using a different charger if one type is occupied.

AC Charging

Charge at home at a wallbox overnight or top up at a grocery store when you’re out shopping – the powerful 11 kW on-board charger gives you a range of flexible possibilities for AC charging.


Safety for Every Day and Every Situation

Enjoy a maximum of safety and convenience with the highest level of safety and driver assistance features in the Hyundai line-up. With Hyundai SmartSense, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the IONIQ 5 N has been equipped with the very latest safety and driving assist features for added peace of mind. It also features Level 2 autonomous driving technology.

Blind Spot monitor
Wireless Mirroring
Head Up Display

​Great Visibility for More Safety

Two practical features for more visibility: Blind-Spot View Monitor lets you see the rearward left and right-hand side views on a screen in the digital cluster. Surround View Monitor gives you a 360-degree view of the area to make manoeuvring in confined spaces easy and safer.

Digital Centre Mirror

Enjoy perfect rear view visibility even with tall backseat passengers or luggage blocking the rear window. When activated, the Digital Center Mirror uses a camera mounted in the spoiler to project a real-time display onto the mirror for a much wider field of vision.

Head Up Display

Two practical features for more visibility: Blind-Spot View Monitor lets you see the rearward left and right-hand side views on a screen in the digital cluster. Surround View Monitor gives you a 360-degree view of the area to make manoeuvring in confined spaces easy and safer.

5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.

Like every Hyundai, the IONIQ 5 N is built to the highest possible quality standards. And we back that quality up with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty so you can enjoy the things you love in life, without having to worry about your car. Enjoy the extra peace of mind that one of the industry’s best warranties gives you – standard.

IONIQ 5 N Pricing

TrimEngineFuelRoad Tax BandRoad Tax CostCustomer Pays**WLTP CO2
New Ioniq 5 N**84 kW BatteryElectric1€120€79,9950

​** Price includes €3,500 SEAI Grant for Private Customers & Government VRT Relief. Excludes delivery & related charges.

PCP Finance from €626.82 per month




APR %* (Fixed)

Terms and Conditions 6.99% Finance APR

†Excludes delivery & related charges.

††The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is payable if you renew or retain the vehicle at the end of the agreement. Further charges may be applied by your Hyundai Dealer subject to kilometer limits/condition of the vehicle.

*PCP offers stating Interest Rates are subject to change. Interest rates are calculated by Bank of Ireland Finance.

Subject to availability.

This offer is valid until 30th August 2024.

*Up to 560 km range available on 84 kWh battery. Driving range may vary depending on road conditions, your driving style, and the temperature.