The Hyundai Electrified Range
Hyundai Electric Range

Reasons to drive an electric vehicle.

There are many reasons to go electric: the driving experience, sustainability, costs, and zero tailpipe emissions – find out which of our electric family is best for yours.

Cost of Diving (500km)Saving​
Kona EV​​€5.99​-
Mid Size SUV (Diesel)€42.54-85.9%
Mid Size Petrol SUV€51.62​-88.4%
Mid Size Hybrid SUV€42.72​-86.0%

​*Sources: 24/10/2023 - Petrol 178 cent per litre - Diesel 181 cent per litre

KONA Hybrid KONA Petrol TUCSON Diesel Kona EV

178 Cent per Litre Petrol

178 Cent per Litre Petrol

181 Cents per Litre Diesel

181 Cents per KW
Fuel Consumption per 100Km 4.7 5.8 5.3 14.7
Cost per 100 Km €8.37 €10.32 €9.59 €1.20
Cost of 500 Km €41.83 €51.62 €47.97 €5.99
Cost per Av Daily KM €4.18 €5.16 €4.80 €0.60
Cost for 20000 KM €1,673 €2,065 €1,919 €240
Cost per 1Km in cent 0.08 0.10 0.10 0.01

1 LITRE OF DIESEL CREATES 2.68 KG of CO2! & 1 Litre of Petrol will produce 2.31 Kgs of CO2The precise figures depends on the quality of the fuel


Meet our award winning IONIQ 5 with it's spacious smart interior, starting from only €44,495 and a range of up to 507km*, it's ready to meet your daily family needs.

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The new IONIQ 6.

The latest addition to the IONIQ series and just named “Irish Car of the Year 2024” from MMAI in association with Continental, is our one of a kind saloon. Step inside a new world of driving with a integrated cabin design that is as practical as it is stylish and range of up to 614km*. Starting from only €45,395*

Explore the new IONIQ 6


The all-new KONA Electric.

Discover the all-new KONA electric. With generous and flexible storage the all-new KONA electric is ready for your latest family adventure. Starting from €36,995 and with a range of up to 514km* the all-new KONA electric is designed for everything you and your busy life can throw at it.

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Hyundai Kona Electric