Citroen C4 X
Citroen C4 X
E-C4 X Electric

CITROËN E-C4 X Electric

The Serenity of all-electric

From €33,418

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Its design, comfort and practicality on board are absolutely identical to the internal combustion version. In the city, the ë-C4 X Electric allows access to restricted traffic zones, while enjoying the pleasure of driving without emitting any noise or CO2.


Citroen E-C4 X Electric
Citroen C4 X
Citroen E-C4 X Electric

Electric Range Up To 360km

With it's sleek, aerodynamic shape and efficient, zero-emission electric drivetrain, the e-C4 X Electric offers a range of up to 360km in the WLTP cycle. It also allows drivers to access low-emission traffic zones in a growing number of cities, which may be off-limits to conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Easy and Optimised Charging​

Charging the e-C4 X Electric is easy and can be done on the road, at public charging stations or at home. For each scenario, the charging time has been optimised: 

  • At a public charging station, using a 100kw DC fast charger (mode 4), the battery charges quickly at a speed of about 10km/min, with 80% of the charge completed in 30 minutes.
  • Using a 7.4kW / 32 amp wall box (mode 3), recharging takes 7.5 hours with a single phase power supply.
  • At home and for occasional and emergency, the battery can be charged using a standard household outlet (mode 2).​

The Serenity Of All-Electricity

While on the road, enjoy a complete absence of noise and fumes, as well as immediately available torque for an energetic and pleasant drive without vibrations, jerks and gear changes. Also benefit from remotely programmable electronic services for peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs to minimise the cost of ownership.


Ë-C4 X Electric has been designed to simplify your life. From the touchpad or the MyCitroën application, charging can be scheduled or deferred to take advantage of off-peak rates, for example. The charging hatch includes a colour code to track the charging process, which can also be viewed remotely on the MyCitroën app. Plugging in is also very easy thanks to the ergonomic charging port.

As for the cables, they can be stored under the boot floor.

Citroen E-C4 X Electric
Citroen E-C4 X Electric


Citroën has simplified the necessary interaction to make it as easy, rewarding and natural in everyday use as any technology used at home. 

The driver has a dedicated display on the digital dashboard to view battery status or range, as well as a choice of three displays: power indicator (electricity meter), energy flow or thermal comfort consumption. The latter allows you to see the impact of vehicle heating and thermal comfort on energy consumption. Directly accessible via a button on the center console, specific pages of the touchscreen interface indicate the system's operating status or the settings for the delayed battery charge. When the vehicle is charging, the screen can display the time remaining to reach a full charge, the range recovered or the percentage of battery charge recovered.


Feel 360 KM 50kWh 100kW (136hp) Automatic 15.4 0 €120 €33,418***
Feel Pack 360 KM 50kWh 100kW (136hp) Automatic 15.4 0 €120 €34,074***
Flair 360 KM 50kWh 100kW (136hp) Automatic 15.4 0 €120 €34,908***
Flair Pack 360 KM 50kWh 100kW (136hp) Automatic 15.4 0 €120 €35,376***