Citroen C3


The compact hatch with character.

From €22,150

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Discover Citroën C3, a versatile, comfortable and colourful city car. With 97 exterior customisation combinations, your C3 will be as unique as you.


Citroën C3 shakes up the landscape for city cars with a sturdier and more energetic look. Well planted on its two wheels, it asserts its harmonious lines. Its high and horizontal front block gives it a completely confident look for a compact size measuring 3.99 m long. The side view highlights its floating roof supported by black windscreen pillars. The wide wheel arches highlight the front and rear wings with generous curves.

Citroen C3
Citroen C3


The new raised look of Citroën C3 enhances its character. On its front side, the chrome chevrons and strip extend to the LED daytime running lights and highlight the width of the car. Just below, the new LED-equipped headlights have also been redesigned.


The new design of the side Airbump® enhances the sturdier side of Citroën C3. Better still, they protect the bodywork from everyday impacts. They now feature three raised bubbles placed at the bottom of the doors. The colour of their surround matches the Colour pack that you have chosen.

Citroen C3


You can choose from among 7 possible bodywork colours. Two new bright colours - Elixir Red and Spring Blue - are added to the existing ones: from the darkest with Perla Nera black, to Cumulus Grey and Platinum Grey, to the lightest shade with Soft Sand and Polar White.

Citroen C3
Citroen C3


Choose one of the 3 roof colours, from Opal White, Onyx Black and the trendy Emerald Blue. The wing mirrors and the quarter panel trim will match the roof colour chosen. Finally, 3 graphic themes, Red, Emerald or Techwood, can be placed in the form of stickers at the roof and quarter panel bubble.

Citroen C3
Citroen C3

Techwood Ambience 

The Techwood colour scheme gives a nod to a hight-end style with noble materials soft to the touch. The combination of the imitation wood strip, scandinavian style and the light trim on the upper part of the seats lends true elegance to the passenger compartment.*

*This ambiance is optional.

Emerald Ambiance

The Emerald colour scheme features a contrast between predomiantlty dark colours and dashes of colour for a more energetic look. A 3D mesh technical textile finishes the upholstery and a Black leather-effect fabrc covers the dashboard panel.*

*This ambiance is optional.

Citroen C3
Citroen C3
Citroen C3

Compact and Spacious​

Citroen C3 gives an impression of remarkable interior space, and best-in-class roominess in both front and the rear. The legroom is unrivalled. Particularly agile and easy to handle, Citroen C3 is ideally compact in an urban environment, with length of 3.99 m.​

Advanced Comfort Seats 

Citroën C3 seats have wide seat cushions and backs, inspired by home furniture. Their design ensures that the seat cushion remains firm and does not collapse.

The Advanced Comfort seats offer unrivalled driving comfort for short or long trips. These seats, just like at home, offer increased comfort visually as well as in terms of posture.

In addition to their graphic-effect padding and lower back support, they are height-adjustable.

300-Litre Boot 

Citroën C3 adapts to all uses with its generous 300 litre boot, ideal for carrying all your luggage And for even easier life on board, Citroën C3 draws inspiration from your daily life. The storage compartments have been designed to be as functional as possible, like the central storage compartment which frees up space at the front of the vehicle.


Citroen C3
Citroen C3
Citroen C3

Blind Spot Monitoring System​

An orange light appears in the corner of the mirrors and indicates the presence of a vehicle in the blind spots.​

Lane Departure Warning Alert

If the line is approached without indicating, the steering will counter-steer gradually to keep the vehicle in it's original lane.​

Front Parking Assistance

This system, with six front parking sensors, helps you park close to other vehicles or objects without damage.​

Citroen C3
Citroen C3

Coffee Break Alert 

After a few hours of driving, a short break is in order. The coffee Break alert is there to remind you.​

Cruise Control with the speed limit as the setpoint

​This tool allows you to take the detected speed as a new cruise control setpoint.

Connected Services ​


To enhance on-board comfort, Citroën C3 offers you connectivity with the 7" touch screen tablet, placed in the centre of the dashboard. It can be controlled via voice recognition to navigate, change radio stations or make calls. Combined with connected services such as TomTom Traffic, it provides information on traffic and visual and sound signals for danger zones.

Citroen C3
Citroen C3


Controlled via voice recognition or using the new 7" touch screen tablet, Citroën Connect Nav, combined with TomTom Services, provides information on traffic in real time, localisation of car parks and service stations, fuel prices or weather news. The “Danger zones” option sends sound and visual alerts on your itinerary (according to legislation in force in the countries).


Citroën c3 is equipped with Citroën Connect Box, a technology that lets you make geo-located emergency and assistance calls. Two services free of charge and available 24/7, which locate your vehicle accurately in the event of breakdown, illness or accident.

Citroen C3
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